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Why Hire a Day of Wedding Coordinator?

It's your big day. You wake up so excited to take in every moment with your loved ones... and then it starts. The officiant calls with a last minute question. A bridesmaid gets sick. The florist gets stuck in traffic and is going to be late. The ceremony is about to start and guests haven't taken their seats. The DJ has a question about your first dance song while you are trying to take portraits. Great aunt Linda won't stop hugging you and won't let you move on to mingle with other guests. Barry had a little too much to drink and needs cut off. And that is just the beginning!

It is essential to have a day of coordinator so that you and your loved ones aren't working or stressed, and so that things are planned well and go smoothy all day. You and your guests should only be enjoying every moment of this incredible, once in a lifetime day.

So what exactly does a day of coordinator do?

Point of Contact

We are the point of contact for everyone, including all vendors and guests. Beforehand, we will exchange numbers with all the vendors and the wedding party so that when anyone has a question or problem, they can come straight to us instead of you. We will direct guests and vendors, assist with setting the vendors up, welcoming guests and letting guests know where to go for the ceremony, where to put the gifts, where the bathrooms are, and more!

Manage People

We manage people! And trust me, they need a lot of managing! We follow the timeline (we make it ahead of time with the bride and groom to know exactly what they want). We direct guests from the ceremony to the reception. We let them know when to take their seats for the first dance. We serve as a buffer for any guests that need moving along- such as a mother in law that is knocking on your door while you are having a private champagne toast with your new husband (yes, it has happened). We also manage the vendors and help them with any problems (broken equipment, running late, whatever may come their way).

Help with Set Up and Break Down

While full service decoration services are out there, if you already have your centerpieces made and just need help setting up and tearing down, we can do that! Tell us what goes where, and we will make it happen while you are relaxing and getting ready with your friends and family. Nobody should have to worry about setting up or forgetting items at the end of the night. We will also take things down and help load them in the designated car after the wedding (including your cards and gifts). We check that all the details are in place (is the guestbook station missing a pen, did the bathroom run out of toilet paper?)

Timeline Managers

We manage the timeline of the entire day to ensure it goes perfectly for you! Did everything start 10 minutes late and we need to make sure the caterer and DJ know? Are you having so much fun with portraits that you didn't realize it is almost time for your big entrance? We will give you a heads up. Want to edit the timeline on the day of- it's your day. Let us know and we will make it happen. We also help run a rehearsal.

Personal Assistant

We are your assistants for the day! Forgot your lipstick downstairs, we can grab it. Need us to hold your dress train? We got it. Need to cry? Hi we are here! Need a drink? We will grab it. We will have your dinner all set up on your table. Let us know whatever you need.

Rule Enforcers

We will help make the day exactly what YOU want it. It is your day after all. Is the napkin folded wrong? Is the DJ playing a song you hate? Is someone drinking too much? Let us be a buffer and handle the hard things so you can just relax.

Fire Putter-Outer

Is that even a word? HA! We will fix any problems that arise on the big day. We have it all under control. We have done so many weddings and we know what to expect. We will meet ahead of time to make plans for the big day so and give you a full checklist so that we can stop most problems before they even come up. Trust me- there are small details that people never think of. Are you saving the top layer of the cake? Whoever is cutting the cake needs to know. You also need to ask the baker to leave a cake box. Who is holding the rings? Do the bridesmaids know when they are supposed to start walking down the aisle? Let us handle everything.

You should have the best day of your life and leave all the work to a coordinator. You deserve it!

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