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Making the Best of Your 2020 Wedding. Pros and Cons of Alternate Plans.

Twenty twenty has been a year that nobody expected. Last year you got engaged, planned the wedding of your dreams, put down deposits and started a countdown. You were going to get married and take a beautiful honeymoon Now what?

Couples everywhere have had to make tough decisions on what to do with their weddings. After all, it isn't even about certain restrictions, it's about keeping your most loved ones safe and sound. While heartbreaking, it's been motivational to see how a tragedy like COVID has not stopped love. I think we all to often get swept up in our fairytale wedding plans and forget about the most important thing: each other. In fact, that is the top piece of advice I give couples on their big day.

Just slow down. Breath. Take it all in. There is so much love and beauty around you. Don't go to fast. Don't stress the small things.

COVID has really forced 2020 couples to stop, take a breath, and really decide how they will thrive during these unprecedented times.

If you are still struggling on what you should do with your original 2020 wedding plans, here are a few inspirational ideas with pros and cons for each.

1. Postpone Completely

Yes, you can completely postpone your plans until next year. Just make sure to lock in rates and dates with your vendors, update your wedding website and let your guests know the plan.


  1. You can still have every aspect of your dream wedding

  2. You have an extra year to enjoy being engaged (come on, being engaged is a blast).

  3. You have an extra year to save for your honeymoon and any other big things like a down payment on a house together.

  4. Did you have any regrets like not losing enough weight before the big day? Now you have more time.


  1. You have to wait another year to be officially married. If you need to be married for legal issues, insurance, or if you are waiting to seal the deal in the sack, this could be a con.

  2. You may not be able to lock in refunds or the same rates with your vendors.

  3. Wedding planning can be stressful to some. Here's to another year of it.

  4. Who knows what next year will bring after all?

2. Downsize Drastically

Let's be honest. Did you really want his ex or your Great Aunt Susie to be at your wedding? I didn't think so. The guest list can be the most stressful part of a wedding experience. You have pressure from parents, friends, social media, and maybe even your partner in who to invite. But really, you should invite who makes you happy together as a couple. COVID has become a really good reason to downsize your current plans but still have your dream wedding. Here is how I would recommend coming up with your downsized guest list.

Invite both immediate families. Invite only your best friends. Consider leaving children out. If you haven't spoken in 6 months, leave them out. If you wouldn't be devastated if you weren't invited to their wedding, leave them out. It's time to focus on YOU and your partner and who means most to your current life.


  1. An easy way to eliminate unwanted guests.

  2. You will save so much money on wedding costs like chairs and catering.

  3. Have a more intimate wedding with those closest to you.

  4. You do not have to postpone your big day.


  1. If you are a huge party person, this won't be as satisfying

  2. Less gifts. Ouch.

  3. You may have to deal with hurt feelings and upset friends (but if they are really friends, they should understand).

  4. You may lose certain deposits and costs that you have already paid.


3. Have a Virtual Ceremony

This brings me so much joy on a personal level, because this is what my sister is doing. Have a small ceremony on Facebook Live, Zoom or another streaming device. This just brings the best of options one and two together. Here are the pros. I can't really think of the cons.


  1. Everyone (and probably even more than originally planned) still gets to participate.

  2. You can still send announcements/invitations out and get so many gifts.

  3. You can save your stream and have a video of your ceremony forever!

  4. You can still celebrate in person with those closest to you with a small backyard reception afterwards.

  5. Heck, you could even set a real reception date for next year and still have the celebration then. Coolest first year anniversary party ever!?

  6. You can have an extra year to save and plan for the most amazing honeymoon.

  7. You can save so much money!

  8. You do not have to postpone getting married.

So what are you waiting for? Make the most of 2020.

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